Open lecture - Health Law in Albania and the European Union

On February 15, 2022, in the premises of Beder University, Tirana, PhD Denard Veshi, held an open lecture on the topic: "The Right to Health in Albania and the European Union". During the lecture, the legal basis of Albania and the European Union, which regulates issues related to the right to health, was discussed. In the following, several cases were discussed which had to do with the right to life and health, as well as the situations recently created in Albania by Covid 19, where the students also expressed their opinions. After the lecture, lecturer Veshi organized an exhibition with photographic works presented by the participating students. During the exhibition, the students expressed through art the impact of the European Union in Albania and how they perceive the expansion of the EU in the Western Balkans.

This lecture took place within the EU Center of Excellence, Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Enlargement of the European Union for the Western Balkans 610495-EPP-1-2019-1-AL-EPPJMO-CoE, the implementation of which is also done by the European Movement in Albania (EMA).

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