Ardita Buna

Ardita Buna has completed the postgraduate studies at the College of Law in London, after her graduate studies at the Faculty of Law at Tirana University. She has been involved in many research projects focusing in Human rights, European Law, Commercial Law and Case law of the European Court of Human Rights. She has a long experience in the Public Administration most of it as the Director of Official Publications Center and has returned to academic career teaching law. She has finished her doctorate studies at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” with a thesis focused on Human rights of migrants as compared in to the case law of the two European Courts such as the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice. She speaks English Italian and French".

Her contributions to ALJ: 

Issue 7/2018 - Human Rights: The evolution of the perception of fundamental rights in the European Union

Jola Frasheri

Jola is a first year student of Master Sciences in Criminal Law at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law. She also holds bachelor BA diploma in Law completed in 2018, and Finance, compelted in 2015 from the same university. She has been part of “Network of Excellent Students”, since she was a freshman. Currently, Jola is working as an intern at the European Movement Albania and this experience has helped her to recognise better the European Union's role and the integration of Albania into it. During her studies, she was involved for almost a year at the NGO, “The Center for Legal Civic Initiatives” offering free legal advice for women who have been victims of violence and human beings trafficking. During nine weeks, Jola has been part of a “Human Rights School Tirana” organized from Civil Rights Defenders. She achieved her personal objectives towards values clarification, attitude change, development of solidarity, and the skills for advocacy and action, such as analyzing situations in human rights terms and strategizing appropriate responses to injustice. Also, as part of youth grassroots organizations she has been active in initiating and organizing many seminars for young people to enhance their social and political participation. For the moment, she has interest in human right especially for juvenile and women justice, and intends to specialize in the future in law on economic crimes. Jola speaks Albanian, English, French and has basic knowledge in German.

Her Contributions to ALJ: 

Issue 7/2018 - Aspects of the offense of smuggling

Arta Alla

Arta Alla has a Masters Degree in Human Development and Food Security from Roma Tre University,. Afterwards she earned a Master Degree on Environmental Assessment and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Soil Science from North Carolina State University, College of Natural Resources (Raleigh, NC). She has worked as an Environmental Expert for many years at Mott MacDonald and also at Institute for Habitat Development /Polis University. She has been engaged in projects related with water management, water supply or river basins in Kosovo and Albania, while has been an environmental expert during TAP implementation. Arta has done a lot of publications for environmental issues and is part of different organisations with the same focus too.  She has experience in drafting environmental strategic assessment, environmental impact assessment, site assessment for contaminated soil and groundwater (from dumpsites and oil industry), due diligence, in drafting natural resource plans and strategies, with industrial pollution assessment and permitting, in conducting water monitoring, in drafting water monitoring programs  and she has knowledge of international environmental standards and EU Directives. 

Her Contributions to ALJ:

Issue 7/2018 - European Union and Integration: Transposition of the Water Framework Directive in Albania: Gaps and path forward

Dorina Ndreka

Dorina Ndreka is a full time lecturer at the Department of Justice at the “Aleksandër Moisiu” University of Durrës since 2009. She graduated as a lawyer at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana and then in 2009 she concluded her master’s in European Studies at the University of Tirana. Her PhD thesis was “The impact of the European Law on the development of Public International Law. Since 2005 she has been actively working as a lawyer in civil and administrative law matters. She has a vast experience in the field of Legal Issues and Judicial Expertise Counseling. She participates in a large number of national and international scientific conferences and also has published a variety of scientific articles in scientific journals in Albania and abroad. Mrs. Ndreka has also written several scientific papers on various issues such as EU security policies, Crime's Civil Compensation, International Law Standards on Labour Law etc.

Her Contributions to ALJ: 

Issue 5 - Practical & Administrative Cases: The Civil Compensation of Criminal Acts in Albania

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