Monika Canco

Monika Canco is an accomplished legal professional with expertise in international and EU law. Holding an LLM from Radboud University and an MSc from the University of Tirana, Monika has delved into topics ranging from the effectiveness of EU leniency policies to the ethical considerations for civil servants. As a Lecturer at the University of Tirana, she conducts seminars on various legal subjects and contributes to research in EU Law, Competition Law, and Human Rights. Monika's professional journey also includes roles as a Legal Consultant and Technical Legal Expert, where she provided valuable insights into business law and legal education systems. Dedicated to community service, she has offered free legal advice to vulnerable groups through USAid Albania. With proficiency in Albanian, English, and Italian, Monika's contributions extend to publications exploring the nuances of competition law and privacy standards in Albania and the EU.

Her Contributions to ALJ: Administrative and Criminal Implications to Competition Law Infringements: EU Law Discussion and the Albanian Legislation, Ph.D. Cand. Monika CANCO and Ph.D. Cand. Ina VELESHNJA

Blerina Bulica

Blerina Bulica is a professional with extensive experience in legal consultancy and project management. Her career spans since 2000 during which she has held various roles focusing on judicial transparency, human rights, and legal advocacy. With a Master's degree in International Law, Crime, Justice, and Human Rights from the University of Birmingham, UK, and additional training in European Union legislation and institutions, Blerina possesses a solid academic foundation. Her expertise lies in providing consultancy services to organizations such as the Council of Europe where she has contributed to projects aimed at enhancing the efficiency and quality of justice systems. Blerina's skills include exceptional communication, organizational, and managerial abilities, honed through her diverse professional engagements. She is a proficient user of multiple languages, including Albanian, English, French, and Italian. Blerina's dedication to her field is evident through her participation in conferences, presentations, and publications on topics related to human rights and judicial reform. She holds various memberships and accolades, including the prestigious Chevening Scholarship.

Her contributions to ALJ: (European Union and Integration, 2024) - Reflections on the impact of IT and AI based tools in judicial systems

Gentiana Kapllani

With a Bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Tirana and an LL.M. from the University of New York in Tirana, Gentiana Kapllani has honed her expertise in legal writing, research, legal-tech, startups, entrepreneurship, marketing, and public relations. Currently serving as the Office Coordinator for the CleanScore project at the Albanian-American Development Foundation, Gentiana is responsible for project implementation at the Polytechnic University of Tirana. She has a track record of active participation in various organizations and in research activities.

Her contributions to ALJ: The Balance Between the Right to Information and the Right to Privacy in Judicial Decisions: The Case of Albania - Hysmir Idrizi and Gentiana Kapllani



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