Administrative and Criminal Implications to Competition Law Infringements: EU Law Discussion and the Albanian Legislation (2024), Ph.D. Cand. Monika CANCO & Ph.D. Cand. Ina VELESHNJA

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This study aims to analyse the public enforcement of competition law regarding administrative and, in specific cases, criminal sanctions. The EU standards are seen in a comparative perspective with the Albanian enforcement of competition law. The methodology that is used to answer the research questions includes a desk review of the EU and Albanian standards regarding sanctions in competition law. In addition, comparative methodology is used to draw the similarities and contrasts between the EU and Albanian fining and sanctions systems concerning competition law. The results of this study aim to present the EU perspectives regarding the implementation of competition law in practice, make an analysis of competition law in Albania and lastly provide new insights on the EU-oriented future of the Albanian public enforcement of competition law. In addition, this study aims to reflect the discussions at the European Union level regarding criminal prosecution for violation of competition rules as well as the respective Albanian legislation that criminalizes specific infringements of competition law.

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