Gledis Gjipali

Gledis has started his career working for several years at the Albanian Ministry of European Integration, Directorate of Justice and Home Affairs, dealing with the reform in judiciary system, property rights and anti-corruption. Since 2008 he is part of EMA working to encourage and strengthen the present democratic experiences, by promoting democratic values during the policy making process, analysis and implementation of public policies in the country. Actions taken through monitoring and transparency increasing activities in the last years aim to improve accountability of institutions and public participation in decision making processes. Frequently he lectures for different academic institutions and organisations like the Political Academy, Media Institute, etc. He has written several publications and reports in the areas of European integration, rule of law and anti corruption and in the last five years serves as Albania’s country analyst for Freedom House, Nations in Transit Report. Since October 2014 he has been elected by the Albanian parliament Board Member of the Audio-Visual Media Authority.

His Contributions  to AJL: 

Issue 1/2017 - European Union and Integration: Visa Suspsension Mechanism as a last resort to protect the Shcengen area



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