Holta Ymeri

Holta is a senior lawyer with over 8 years of intensive experience in legal and policy consultancy. She obtained her MBA in Law from “La Sapienza” University of Rome, in 2008 and her LLM in European Law, awarded with distinction, from Maastricht University Law School in 2015. She combines a Western European education with an Albanian working experience. As an Albanian attorney she has been actively participating in challenging projects and has worked closely with international law firms. Immediately after graduation, in 2009 she participated in the Regulatory Reform of the Albanian legislation on Licenses, Permits and Authorizations and establishment of the National Licensing Center. In addition she has extensive experience in the energy (oil & gas, fuels and electricity) and environment sector. She gained extensive knowledge on European Law during her master studies and particularly focusing on European protection of Human Rights and the complaint procedures before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). She is also author and co-author of several publications and papers. 

Her contributions to ALJ:

Issue 1/2017 - Human Rights: The right to access to Higher Education  

Issue 3/2017 - Human Rights: Sexual Abuse on Children, International Protection and Albanian Legal Order 

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