Info-Session on Capacity building in Higher Educatuin, mobility of students and staff – Jean Monnet Programme

On 16.10.2020 an info-session was organized at Europe House premises by European Union Delegation in Albania, where were invited representatives from HEI ( public and private ones) in Albania, who are currently or have been implementing various programmes under Erasmus +. Dr. Denard Veshi, as representative of UNYT and coordinator of current project of Jean Monnet Programme Erasmus + “European Union Enlargement for the Western Balkans (2019-ongoing) with the aim to Establish a Centre of Excellence, was invited as well to share his insights, aims and results on the project, and activities implemented so far. He mentioned also partners of this project, including EMA as the main partner in conducting dissemination activities, info-sessions and or public discussions. Mr. Veshi stated the objectives of the Project including: the centralization of EU studies activities under one structure by creating a Center for EU Enlargement; to make this center an information hub on EU studies and with collaboration and engagement of European Movement Albania and other international partners, this project aims to widen its impact and outreach by creating an important nexus between higher education institutions and civil society organizations. This is what UNYT is doing together with EMA in implementing various activities and gathering stakeholders from universities in Tirana and beyond, students and young researchers, experts of the field and representatives from Civil Society Organizations.  
You may watch the full activity in this link:

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