The process of EU integration - The European Integration Partnership Platform

On 21 July 2020, an online activity was organized under the project “European Union Enlargement for the Western Balkans" being implemented by University New York Tirana, in partnership with European Movement Albania. The main aim of activity was  to inform and involve on discussion the universities in other regions of Albania such as the region of Korça, Vlora and Gjirokastra. During this online activity in which participated around 25 lecturers and students, yet representatives from local actors (public sector and civil society) the main focus was on the process of EU integration and more specifically on the European Integration Partnership Platform and how the interested might be part and be engaged in such platform.
PhD Denard Veshi, as representative of UNYTshowed how UNYT is disseminating the results of different EU projects also to other members outside the UNYT. In other words, PhD Veshi presented the different website created for the EU projects and in particular it demonstrated the platform that members of civil society can use to be updated with the recent EU developments.  
Mr. Gledis Gjipali, EMAemphasized the need for open spaces for discussion and debate among actors of civil society, universities, researchers and public institutions, this being the aim of the Center of Excellence being established under the project “European Union Enlargement for the Western Balkans” implemented by the University of New York in Tirana in partnership with local and national partners, including EMA. In this regard such platforms are of utmost relevance specially for those actors that are underrepresented and are less involved so far in the process of EU integration and reforming in the country. Afterwards he offered a detailed overview of the EU accession negotiations structure established in Albania and opportunities to be involved in the process for civil society organizations and universities.
Ms. Anita Lushi, Project Coordinator of Academy of European Integration and Negotiationsintroduced some findings of interest concerning the perspectives of EU integration process of Albania and how social, political and economical factors are perceived to be affected by this process. These findings were of interest for the participants who participated with questions and comments concerning the findings of the survey and tried to asses the opportunities they as relevant actors on this process have.

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