Webinar on EU Integration process of Albania

On 16 July 2020, an online activity was organized on ZOOM with more than 15 participants such as young people, students and representatives of local CSOs and universities from Shkodra, Tropoja, Lezha, Kukësi took part.

PhD Denard Veshi, as UNYT representative, showed the importance of youth in creating new knowledge. In addition, PhD Veshi presented the various workshop organized with students in order to enhance their communication skills. Moreover, PhD Veshi promoted students to submit their papers in important Albanian journal – such as International Journal of Balkan Studies – hosted by UNYT.

The online public discussion aimed on offering detailed information on EU Integration process of Albania highlighting the role civil society and higher education institutions can play in this process.

Nirvana Deliu, Policy Researcher of European Movement in Albaniaoffered a brief introduction of the EU-Albania relation highlighting the milestones of this process and discussed more specifically on the negotiation structure that has been established in framework of EU accession negotiation process. The most relevant element was the discussion on the EIPP and other opportunities non-state actors such as universities, CSOs, researchers, think tanks have in order to be engaged in the EU integration process. The IPA programme and other financial supporting ones that EU offers for these actors were part of her discussion as well.

Anita Lushi, Project Coordinator of Academy of European Integration and Negotiationsintroduced some findings of interest concerning the perspectives of EU integration process of Albania and how social, political and economical factors are perceived to be affected by this process.

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