Albanian Law Journal

The project “Establishing and Publishing an Integrated Albanian Law Journal” is an  initiative implemented by the European Movement Albania (EMA) and University of New York Tirana, under the project "European Union Enlargement for the Western Balkans" that is being developed in framework of the Jean Monnet Programme, Erasmus +. During the year 2017-2019 ALJ it was implemented by EMA in partnership with Institute of Policy and Law, IPL Albania with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania. The general goal is to create a Law Journal, which is actually missing in the legal panorama of Albania, which will be innovative due to the topics it will address, the target groups it will reach (lawyers, judges, law students, researchers and academia, public administration officials, policy makers, business operators and citizens) and its interactive online structure. The Albanian Law Journal is organized in 4 main thematic sections: a) Albanian Legislation; b) Human Rights; c) Practical and Administrative Cases; and d) European Union and Integration. High quality articles covering one particular topic for each thematic section will be selected and published on each Issue of the Journal.

The specific goals of the Albanian Law Journal are:

  • To help the creation of a public debate about important aspects of the Albanian legal and institutional framework;
  • To lay the foundations of the creation of a more elaborated Albanian legal and policy doctrine;
  • To offer in-depth analysis of the Albanian legal, policy and institutional framewor
  • To identify legal and institutional gaps, followed by concrete recommendations
  • To be clear, accessible and reader friendly and through its distribution in the electronic form to reach the largest audience possible.
  • To involve high quality researchers, Albanian and foreign, interested in legal and policy developments
  • To deal with issues of EU integration of Albania and in general to help the improvement of the Albanian legislation and institutional framework.


The peculiar feature of this Journal is the publishing online for free in both languages, Albanian and English and a blog section, connected with social media, available for further comments, suggestions and discussion.

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