Tax system in Albania – comparison with EU and MS practices

On January 23, 2022 an workshop took place within the Enlargement of the European Union in the Western Balkan project (2019-ongoing) which is being implemented by University of New York Tirana in cooperation with EMA within the Jean Monnet and Erasmus + programme aiming to create a centre of excellence. Part of this session were the representatives of the National Chamber of Advocates in Albania. This event was moderated by Fiona Kuqi who provided a short summary of the project, results and objectives that are being shared with students focused on informative campaign and its main results, experts and other academics of private and public universities. Moreover, Ms. Kuqi as the expert of the field part of the presentation was an introduction to the tax system in Albania and a comparison with EU legislation and Member States highlighting the best practices and successful cases from the EU legislation in managing the tax system.



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