Lesson on the Advocacy

On 25.09.2020, PhD Denard Veshi, as UNYT representative, made an external dissemination to students at the School of Advocacy. In other words, PhD Veshi spoke about EU values by focusing on human dignity. The lesson went into analyzing into details the right to health of vulnerable groups under the coherence between the Albanian and the EU law. As future attorneys, PhD Veshi made several examples by giving the opportunity to students to apply human dignity in specific medical cases. Moreover, PhD Veshi presented his research in medical law under the UNYT research pillar: Democracy and Social and Cultural Change.

The abstract of his presentation is the following:

This presentation analysis of end-of-life decisions in Albania by focusing on living wills. Although the European Union (EU) does not have competence on health issues, the protection of human dignity is one of the core values of the EU. After underlying the importance of right to not to be treated as a promotion of human dignity, this scientific contribution considers the important legal documents (laws, bylaws, and documents published by the advisory public bodies in health issues) as well as the medical jurisprudence. This manuscript investigates article 39 of the Code of Medical Ethics since this is the only piece of legislation ruling end-of-life situations. This paper provides several important policy recommendations based on legal comparison with other EU Member States. Albania should rule end-of-life decisions in order to enhance patient autonomy by promoting human dignity as an EU principle. In addition, Article 39 of the Code of Medical Ethics should be interpreted according to the international law ratified by the Albanian Parliament. This also shows the significant impact of Western European culture on the Albanian legal system.

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