Kick off event: Establishing an Integrated Law Journal in Albania

On February 27, European Movement in Albania organised the event presenting the initiative: “Establishing an Integrated Law Journal in Albania”, supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Albania under the framework of MATRA for Rule of Law Program.

Mr. Gledis Gjipali, the Executive Director of the European Movement Albania, during his introductory speech on the Albanian Law Journal, highlighted that the target of this journal will be mainly the legal professionals but also professionals of other fields and citizens interested in legal matters. The authors of the ALJ are expected to give their own contributions by analysing the Albanian legislation and legal practices which are deemed to be important and with a great impact in citizens’ and businesses’ everyday life in Albania.

The Ambassador of the Netherlands in Albania, Mrs. Dewi van de Weerd said that ALJ is a novelty in the country, representing a new independent media channel which will be freely available for the public. She paid particular attention to the momentum this Journal is being published. While Justice Reform process in Albania is ongoing, the ALJ will give an added value by serving as a source of knowledge and legal interpretation, but also as a mean of promoting the rule of law, transparency and improved accountability in the justice system. In addition this journal focuses on the Europeanization of domestic law, meaning that it will be a bridge of knowledge and experience between Albanian and European scholars.

Mr. Zhani Shapo, member of the Board of the ALJ and a renowned professional of Administrative Law talked about how the idea to establish the ALJ started. He considered the ALJ to be an added source of assessment of the legal matters in Albania and their impact on citizen’s everyday life. Establishing the ALJ is a challenge, but it will contribute with opinions and analysis, necessary to provide an insight to the new Albanian legislation and compare it with the EU Acquis.

The Editor in Chief, Mrs. Holta Ymeri explained the practical and organizational feature of the ALJ which will be organised in 4 important thematic pillars: 1) Albanian Legislation; 2) Human Rights; 3) Administrative/Practical Cases; 4) What is going on in Europe. She explained that ALJ will be inclusive of wide circle of legal and policy professionals who are invited to contribute and engage by providing their articles and ideas for the Second issue of the Journal, planned to be published on April 2017. Issue number one of ALJ addressed four topics: Under the pillar of Albanian Legislation it dealt with – Legal and policy developments of non-hazardous waste import in Albania; Under the Pillar of Human Rights it dealt with – the right to access to higher education in Albania; under the Pillar of Administrative/Practical cases it dealt with -the right to appeal a court decision refusing the issuance of an injunction order; and under the Pillar of What is going on in Europe it dealt with – the Suspension mechanism as a last resort to protect the Schengen area.

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