EU Integration in Albania and promotion of asylum-seekers rights

On 8 April 2021 an online even took place on the Meet Google platform within the Enlargement of the European Union in the Western Balkan project (2019-ongoing) which is being implemented by University of New York Tirana in cooperation with European Movement Albania supported by the Jean Monnet - Erasmus + programme. This project is aiming to create a centre of excellence. There were various participants from University in Tirana, Albania. This event was moderated by Dr.  Denard Veshi who firstly provided a short summary of the project, results and objectives that are being shared with representatives from Universities such as: students, experts and other academics of private and public institutions. Moreover, part of the presentation was a relevant topic for EU and for Albania – the asylum rights and EU legislation on asylum. The phenomenon of the ‘economic migrants’ was highlighted as well, and how this affects the Albanian progress on EU accession process.

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