Discussion Session in Vlora about Albanian Law Journal

European Movement in Albania (EMA) presented in Vlora, on 31 October 2017 the Albanian Law Journal, an initiative support by the Netherlands Embassy in Albania. ALJ was presented during informative and discussion session on particular aspects of the justice system especially focusing on the Justice Reform in which participated more than 50 students, lecturers and other interested persons followed by in-depth discussions on several aspects of the justice reform conducted by the Editor in Chief of ALJ, Av. Holta Ymeri and one of the authors, Mr. Periand Teta.
The activity was opened by the representative of the University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali” and Executive Director of EMA, Mr. Gledis Gjipali who highlighted the importance of the collaboration between academia and civil society to give more space and opportunities to youth to contribute and to be engaged.
The Editor in Chief of Albanian Law Journal, Av. Holta Ymeri intervened on some aspects of the justice reform and notified the participators about the new section that is being created at ALJ’s webpage regarding the Justice Reform and its recent developments. Under this section everyone will be free and able to discuss, write comments or add questions related to topics, processes and other elements of the Justice Reform in Albania.
Mr. Periand Tetaa renowned legal expert who prepared a very interesting report monitoring the implementation of the justice reform by far shared worth mentioning findings. Mr. Teta acknowledged the progress that is aimed through the reform, but envisaged problematic situations that have been created throughout this transitory phase. Fight against corruption and the vetting process were also mentioned as crucial parts of the justice reform and issues affecting them were raised. Such findings motivated a constructive debate with the participants who underlined some problems of the judiciary such as inadequate infrastructure and limited staff of the judiciary and, the difficulty of building an independent and impartial judiciary. During the discussion, participants, mostly students asked about the process of Judicial Reform, the role of EU in this process and how to evaluate it not only from a legal  perspective but also, from a social, political, and technical one. One of the main questions raised was how and to what extent the justice reform will impact the process of EU Integration of Albania.

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