Reald Keta

Reald Keta has completed his studies with Master's degree in Law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana in 2010. Since 2012, he has worked mainly for the organization Kriik Albania, part of the Coalition of Domestic Observers network. Throughout this experience as a law expert on electoral issues, he has pursued ongoing electoral processes and initiatives of general, bylaw and referenda character. Also, part of the engagement has been other institutional processes closely related to electoral processes, such as the reform of the electoral law framework, the process of decriminalization, or the efforts to reform the referenda legal framework. In this regard, his areas of expertise are the monitoring of the electoral process, the financial activity of political parties and electoral subjects as well as issues pertaining to Electoral Justice.

His Contributions to ALJ: 

Issue 5 - Albanian Legislation: The financial activity of the political parties and electoral subjects, pursuant to the Albanian legislation

Mandrit Kamolli

Mandrit Kamolli is a young professional in the field of human rights currently working as project assistant at National Democratic Institute (NDI) Albania focusing mainly in transparency of political party financing and election related activities. Previously, he has been engaged with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, OSCE/ODHIR and Albanian Education Foundation. Mandrit has studied law in Albania and holds a joint master degree in Human Rights and Democratization from European Inter-University Centre and University of Nottingham. 
His Contributions to ALJ: 
Issue 6 - Albanian Legislation: The Importance of Regulation and Enforcement for Political Party Financial Transparency in Albania

Krisela Qirushi

Krisela Qirushi is a Senior Lawyer at Vodafone Albania. For four years, she has been working in a law office where she has been provided legal assistance to both domestic and international companies on a broad range of business and commercial issues. She holds two undergraduate degrees, in Political Science and in Law, and a Master’s Degree in European & International Law from the University of Strasbourg. Krisela has published several articles related to telecoms sector, corporate issues and mining sector. She is a member of the Albanian Bar Association and speaks fluently English, Greek and French.

Her Contributions to ALJ: 

Issue 5 - Human Rights: The Principle of Non-Discrimination on Grounds of Gender in the Workplace – Assessing Albanian Law through EU Standards

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