The Importance of Regulation and Enforcement for Political Party Financial Transparency in Albania

JD Amanda Petersen
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Political parties are considered the cornerstone of democracy, helping to ensure that there is an informed and engaged citizenry.  Public and private funding is essential for political parties to survive, compete fairly, and perform their democratic functions, both during and between election campaigns. However, the involvement of money in political party systems and campaigns also poses serious risks of corruption and undue influence. Transparency is vital in order to mitigate such risks.Political party finance refers to the role of money in politics, which encompasses a wide range of activities and roles. This means the internal financial practices of political parties –fundraising, spending, reporting, and campaign money. Political finance issues are often twofold:  arising from errs by both the legislator and the regulator. This paper will identify the issues associated with political party financial transparency in Albania and incite further discussion around this underdeveloped topic. To this end we will analyze the development of political finance regulation in Albania focusing on the loopholes and discrepancies between law and practice, and then discuss, generally, what experts have identified as the most common challenges for political finance legislation and implementation.



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